Foreign Duck, Native Duck…

In NYC there is this facility called Japan Society and they are having a film festival of Japanese movies that weren’t released in America within 10 years. I just recently saw Foreign Duck, Native Duck and God in Coin Locker (2007) and I must say it was beautifully done. I’m not going to give a full fledged review because I’m not really good at those. All I can say is that I decided to go see this movie because of Eita. Then I read the summary and decided I’d watch it. I’m so glad I did. It shows how great of an actor he is. I first saw him in the drama Sapuri and was like かっこういい! But I didn’t finish the series. Then I saw him in Kimi wa Petto and was like omg there he is again かっこういい (although I was all in MatsuJun’s face lol). So when I saw a picture of him for Foreign Duck, Native Duck I had to read about it and see it. I think I should watch more movies so I can get more variety in Japanese media. Sometimes I think my head is so filled with Jdramas that I may start to think that’s how people really act in Japan and I already know this is untrue. When I see movies I get a different view. Then again its the kinds of dramas I am picks, mostly lovey dovey or comedy, nothing too serious. I know entertainment doesn’t show how people really are. I would have to experience that first hand but for now I really do enjoy watching this kind of entertainment. It’s a joyful break from American shows (which I still enjoy but is on hold until I know I can hold a conversation in Japanese).

Anyway the movie was great and Thursday I’m going to go see One Million Yen Girl (百万円と苦虫女) and might go see パレード (Paredo) on Friday. I know I could probably download these somewhere off the internet or see a stream but I rather get the experience in watching them in a theater and it being clear to see everyone’s faces. じゃ、ね!


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