Recommended Sites

All Japanese All the Time
Read his blog to motivate yourself in learning Japanese

Great site for getting song lyrics in Romaji, Kanji, and English translated

Hiragana Times
Simply news in hiragana and a little more

a website for foreigners who live in Japan

A news site in English

AsiaJin Blog
Nice blog full of Asian/Japanese things lol

TokyoMango Blog

GREAT site to write diary entries in the language you are learning and have native correct your work

Reviewing the Kanji
If you are using Hesig’s Remembering the Kanji book this is a great supplement site

My favorite online Japanese→←English Dictionary

My favorite site to get Japanese Celebrity News

Daito Shunsuke’s Blog
Celebrity Daito Shuusuke’s (actor) blog (JAPANESE)

Takeru Sato’s Blog
Celebrity Takeru Sato’s (actor) blog (JAPANESE)

YesAsia USA
Great site to get Japanese merchandise from Japan

Japanese Folkore (Audio and Text) (JAPANESE)
Found this little goldmine randomly.  You can listen and read along to Japanese children stories

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