Foreign Duck, Native Duck…

In NYC there is this facility called Japan Society and they are having a film festival of Japanese movies that weren’t released in America within 10 years. I just recently saw Foreign Duck, Native Duck and God in Coin Locker (2007) and I must say it was beautifully done. I’m not going to give a … Continue reading

Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久)- ONE IN A MILLION (New Single 7/28/10)

So this entry I got from a forum from JpopAsia (which is an awesome site for lyrics and videos).  Yes I love YamaPi and felt like sharing this even though it can be found almost anywhere when you Google Yamapi.  Well for those who search through WordPress, here you go. Song attached, and I like … Continue reading

日本, I Love; Sites/Blogs/Jdrama

A new friend of mine had asked me the other day to email her a list of all the JDrama shows I’ve seen this year and Japanese related websites I go to.  I didn’t realize I have seen a bunch of shows in a matter of 3 months and searched through a billion sites (well not … Continue reading

Where are the spaces!? なに!?

サッポロラアメン食べたい。 できれば家族そろて北海道へ…  [O_O gasp!] trsln:I’d like to eat Sapporo ramen. If I could, I’d go with my family to Hokkaido. Holy guacamole. Where are the spaces!?? Actually I’m not that surprised.  Since I started learning Japanese writing it didn’t truly occur to me as to when should I put a space between words.  I just did … Continue reading

Why Japan and not Nihon/Nippon??

It is natural for me to ask this question but textbooks don’t necessarily answer it. The few books that I read that were for basic learning of the language only told me that in Japan, natives say Nihon 日本 not “Japan”.  Well I finally looked it up after so many days of wondering and not … Continue reading