Why Japanese. My reason(s) (in Japanese)

最近(さいきん)日本語を勉強しています。日本の本を読んだり、日本の音楽を聞いたりします。発音(はつおん)や漢字が好きです。漢字と仮名(かな)は美しいです。いつの日にか日本語の本を上手に読めるようになりたい。私はとても日本のエンターテイメントが好きなので日本語が上手になりたいです。いつもだいに外国語(がいこくご)をならいたいです。いろいろな日本の物が好きなので日本語を習います(ならいます)。 Advertisements

The Beauty of Exchange →☆★←

I have read in many sites that having a language exchange partner can really help with learning your target language and you can also develop a great friendship.  As you can see my target language is Japanese.  There are many websites that bring people together either face to face or virtually.  I wanted to meet … Continue reading

日本語Study While on Vacation

For the past few days I have been in Los Angeles California for my late summer vacation.  I have been on a roll with studying Japanese (ie. Listening to audio like songs and podcasts, watching Doramas, educational videos on Youtube and reading Japanese blogs, tweets, books, and manga) during any free time that I have. … Continue reading

マイことば (Mai Kotoba aka My Words) – Kimoi

いち Intro to Series & First ことば マイことば (Mai Kotoba aka My Words) Introduction to new Series This is the first entry of the マイことば series. I thought of this idea after watching 東京 (Tokyo) Dogs and realized I should share with others what I learn from watching Jdramas with subtitles. Before I delve into the … Continue reading

Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久)- ONE IN A MILLION (New Single 7/28/10)

So this entry I got from a forum from JpopAsia (which is an awesome site for lyrics and videos).  Yes I love YamaPi and felt like sharing this even though it can be found almost anywhere when you Google Yamapi.  Well for those who search through WordPress, here you go. Song attached, and I like … Continue reading

日本, I Love; Sites/Blogs/Jdrama

A new friend of mine had asked me the other day to email her a list of all the JDrama shows I’ve seen this year and Japanese related websites I go to.  I didn’t realize I have seen a bunch of shows in a matter of 3 months and searched through a billion sites (well not … Continue reading

Where are the spaces!? なに!?

サッポロラアメン食べたい。 できれば家族そろて北海道へ…  [O_O gasp!] trsln:I’d like to eat Sapporo ramen. If I could, I’d go with my family to Hokkaido. Holy guacamole. Where are the spaces!?? Actually I’m not that surprised.  Since I started learning Japanese writing it didn’t truly occur to me as to when should I put a space between words.  I just did … Continue reading