Why Japanese. My reason(s) (in Japanese)

最近(さいきん)日本語を勉強しています。日本の本を読んだり、日本の音楽を聞いたりします。発音(はつおん)や漢字が好きです。漢字と仮名(かな)は美しいです。いつの日にか日本語の本を上手に読めるようになりたい。私はとても日本のエンターテイメントが好きなので日本語が上手になりたいです。いつもだいに外国語(がいこくご)をならいたいです。いろいろな日本の物が好きなので日本語を習います(ならいます)。 Advertisements

The Beauty of Exchange →☆★←

I have read in many sites that having a language exchange partner can really help with learning your target language and you can also develop a great friendship.  As you can see my target language is Japanese.  There are many websites that bring people together either face to face or virtually.  I wanted to meet … Continue reading

マイことば (Mai Kotoba aka My Words) – Kimoi

いち Intro to Series & First ことば マイことば (Mai Kotoba aka My Words) Introduction to new Series This is the first entry of the マイことば series. I thought of this idea after watching 東京 (Tokyo) Dogs and realized I should share with others what I learn from watching Jdramas with subtitles. Before I delve into the … Continue reading

Where are the spaces!? なに!?

サッポロラアメン食べたい。 できれば家族そろて北海道へ…  [O_O gasp!] trsln:I’d like to eat Sapporo ramen. If I could, I’d go with my family to Hokkaido. Holy guacamole. Where are the spaces!?? Actually I’m not that surprised.  Since I started learning Japanese writing it didn’t truly occur to me as to when should I put a space between words.  I just did … Continue reading